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My best gift in life

On November 13, my beloved @fitininayuliya gave me the best gift in my life, helping our baby to be born.

I consider this a real achievement! This is what makes you believe in love even more, what motivates you to new victories and achievements, and what moves your life only forward.

Meet this @misha_komlev, a very cool guy, handsome and the cutest kid! 👶

I love you very much my dears and I am very grateful to you my dear @fitininayuliya, for such a miracle! It's a blessing to be a dad! 💛🥳☺️

Our birth went well, at 12 o'clock in the morning we arrived at the maternity hospital, and by 12:45 @misha_komlev was born.

I was present throughout the whole process and experienced very sincere and vivid impressions. I recommend that all future dads be sure to support their wives during this period because joint childbirth will only strengthen your feelings and help the baby to be with both parents in the first hours. This is a very important and unforgettable moment in everyone's life!

I would like to express my special gratitude to our obstetrician-gynecologist @arturmokh for such a well-performed delivery and to our midwife Evgenia Baidina for her support throughout the process.

At the same time, special thanks to all the staff of the @pc_zelenograd maternity hospital. This is exactly the place that you can recommend to all friends, relatives, and close people when they are faced with the issue of conducting and organizing childbirth.

P.S. Misha is only 3 days old, but he really likes to fall asleep in my arms.